Everyone knows that lots of snow = bad roads, but it also isn't great for the skies, either.

Unfortunately for mid-week travelers, over 500 flights going in or out of Denver International Airport were canceled by 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday (October 29) due to weather conditions.

On top of the morning cancellations, almost 400 flights were delayed. According to The Denver Postdepartures were delayed for an average of 50 minutes, while incoming flights were delayed for around 3 hours.

Aircraft care will also add to the delays, as all flights will have to visit a de-icing pad before taking off.

To avoid dangerous road conditions, DIA recommends that travelers take the light rail's A line to get to the airport, instead of driving.

But before hopping on the light rail, it's best to call the airline for a flight update. With the snow continuing to fall, it is likely that more delays and cancellations will occur.

Thankfully, the rest of the week is expected to warm up to snow-free temperatures in the 40s.

Until then, try to ditch the airport, and opt for some hot cocoa and television instead.

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