It doesn't get better than beautiful summer nights in Colorado, and we're all about taking advantage of them! From nighttime concerts to movies under the stars, Coloradans know how to have fun no matter what time of day it is, and coming to Denver in August, is an experience like no other.

A screening series, called The Bed Cinema, is bringing the comfort of your own home to the movies — except it's all outdoors, beneath the starry sky, kind of like a drive-in on steroids. With that, comes 150+ double beds complete with pillows, blankets, and LED-lit bedside tables that are perfect for stashing your snacks and drinks. The beds hold three people, and guests can also bring their own blankets or seats, if they prefer not to use the beds. Bed Cinema will be screening a number of blockbusters, though the official list has not yet been announced, as well as the exact location.

Besides Denver, the series is hitting several other cities across America, including Los Angeles and Venice Beach. Those wanting to go to Bed Cinema's Denver screenings can sign up for pre-release tickets online.

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