On Saturday, we paid tribute to all of the Sker Bois in Fort Collins and said goodbye to the Downtown Artery with our Back to Old School dance party!

We had a huge turnout, and a big thanks to everyone who came and especially those who drove in from out of town (we see you, Cheyenne!) We scoured Instagram for your best shots of the night, and sprinkled in a few of our own. Here are our favorite posts from our Point Back to Old School Dance Party:

1. The 2000's are back @gracenielsenn

2. Space buns took over the night! @kasc0tt

3. Our name in lights...@mayakomlan

4. Hey! That's our DJ! @scruggsonair

5. And of course, don't forget our recap post: @999thepoint

Check to see if we caught you in a crowd photo in the gallery below! We're so excited for our next Point Party in 2020...what do you think the theme should be? Take a vote in the comments.

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