The polls have closed, the votes have been counted, and the results are in: Jennifer Roth of Frontier Academy is the winner of October's Tutoring Excellence Teacher Tuesday, our first of 2018!

Mrs. Roth was nominated by her student, Peter Montanez, and brought home a ton of great prizes thanks to the University of Northern Colorado’s Extended Campus-Online Graduate Programs for Educators (pictured below, Mrs. Roth is an alum), The Human Bean, The Melting Pot, and Old Chicago. Not only did she get a prize, but so did everyone in her class: each student took home a free game of bowling thanks to Chipper's Lanes.

When we presented Mrs. Roth with her (well deserved) prizes, she let us know that it was also her birthday, and after celebrating her Teacher Tuesday win, her classroom sang her 'Happy Birthday'.

Here's a little bit about your October Teacher Tuesday winner, in her own words:

 "First of all, thank you and your organization for recognizing educators on a monthly basis. It means the world to those of us who work with these wonderful human beings every day (and I have found a new favorite morning show on 99.9!)

[Favorite TV show?] I am a Grey's Anatomy girl! I have never missed an episode! I also really love This is Us!

[Favorite local sports team?] My husband and I are die hard Broncos fans! We enjoy hosting friends and family for games. We also really enjoy going to the Eagles games as often as we can! However, my favorite athletes are the hard working student athletes at Frontier Academy. I love watching these students show off their athletic abilities.

[Who/what inspires you?] I know this is going to sound cliche and a tad bit cheesy, but when I think about who inspires me, my students are always the first thought. Middle school is hard, but I see these students work hard and struggle through all the different changes that come with being in middle school. They never give up, so, in turn, I never give up!

[Favorite thing about living in Colorado?] I tried living somewhere besides Colorado several times, however this is my home."

Kirby Kimble
Kirby Kimble

Thank you to the University of Northern Colorado’s Extended Campus-Online Graduate Programs for Educators, who joined us at Frontier Academy to present Mrs. Roth with the $500 she won for her school.

Don't forget to nominate your teacher for next month's Teacher Tuesday competition: click the button below.

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