When you think of natural disasters, you think of hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes and mammoth blizzards covering everything in heavy snow. One of the biggest natural disasters in our nation had nothing to do with any of those. You might have heard your great grandparents or grandparents talk about the "Dust Bowl". Severe drought throughout the Midwest started in 1930 and then came the dust storms in 1931. These dust storms were often called "black blizzards" and would carry the topsoil from the plains as far as New York City. These dust storms would even coat ships in the Atlantic ocean in dust.

Continuing Drought Reveals Lake Mead Ghost Town
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When you hear about the Dust Bowl, you don't tend to think about Colorado, but more of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. But, Colorado had been severely impacted when it came to the Dust Bowl of the "Dirty Thirties". In fact, there is an entire episode about the Dust Bowl in Colorado:

It is pretty wild to think that around 2.5 million people left states affected by the Dust Bowl in the 1930's. Making this time the largest migration in American History. The Dust Bowl killed off crops, livestock and people during this time of severe drought.

Source: History.com

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