Everyone loves a great hamburger, and one of America's best is right here in Colorado. Check out the list and see what burgers are the best across the Nation.

Obviously, Tabelog.us is sticking with local joints and not national chains like Culver's, In-N-Out and Freddy's. However I'm surprised such places like Stuft didn't make the list... especially since they were recently voted best fries in the state of Colorado. So it's not like they are an "unknown" in the Colorado community.

So the Cherry Cricket of Denver made the list at number five. Once featured on an episode of Man v. Food, The Cherry Cricket is known for its anything-goes toppings... similar to Northern Colorado's afore mentioned Stuft. The Cherry Cricket is considered a Denver institution, however some people feel it's a little overrated. Check out the rest of the list from Tabelog and let us know what you think. Are there some Northern Colorado burger joints that should have made the list?

(Source, Tabelog.us)

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