If you've ever driven on Timberline between Horsetooth and Drake, you are well aware of these 'miscellaneous' buildings south of Timberline Church.

My brother lives off of Horsetooth and TImberline, so we are always heading over to Rigden Farms to hit up William Oliver's on a weekend afternoon; each time, we seem to comment on those 'CSU buildings' on the east side of the road along the way.

The buildings used to hold some labs for Colorado State University, but have just sat there empty, for a while now.  Those labs were there long before all the development on either side of them, so that's why they seem so 'out of place.'

What's happening now, is that the property that those buildings are on will be traded with Timberline Church for land that the church has. The land that the church is giving up to CSU will in turn be given to a developer who will be building new affordable apartments, just to the east of the church.

CSU buildings on Timberline
TSM/Dave Jensen

The Coloradoan reports that there will be 180 apartments, with one-third of them being set aside solely for Colorado State University employees that earn less than 80% of the Area Median Income. The remaining apartments will be open to those in the public, but rent for less than the 'market rate.'

It looks like there will be, as my brother can attest. some disruption of the Foothills Channel (creek/stream) to the south of the property as they prepare for the new, yet unnamed, apartment complex that will be directly west of some of Rigden Farms.

Timberline Church hasn't yet decided what they'll do with their new land that the CSU labs were on.

I think it's a great project; a win-win for many people, including those who have driven by the 'eyesore' of those old labs for a long time.

Source [The Coloradoan]

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