Another Northern Colorado Holiday Tradition is back in the Square in Old Town Fort Collins for 2021. Get ready to lace up your skates because the Old Town Square Skating Rink is now open.

While many things are still being canceled or postponed due to COVID19 restrictions, the Ice Rink in Old Town Square Fort Collins is a tradition that will be continuing this season as they're now open for business. The Ice Rink officially opens today, November 24th, and will run through February 5th. While weekends will be when the Ice rInk is primarily open, there are other dates during winter breaks and some holidays where they have some additional skate time available. You can see all of the available skate times HERE

The "coolest" part of Old Town Squares' Ice Rink isn't just the ice, it's the cost of the event, which is $0 because it's absolutely free. Free admission and free skate rental with reservations not being required at this time. That could change at any point but you can always check HERE before heading out just in case.

I grew up roller skating and some might say I skate like an angel! Ok, nobody says that, but I can skate with the best of them. For some reason though, I can't ice skate worth a dang! I'm not sure if it's the ice that gets me tense because I don't want to fall and not be able to get back up or what but I for sure need some practice so you might just see me in the Square this year working out my flaws! Happy Holidays!

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