Old Firehouse Books has been a staple of Fort Collins culture for decades, situated in the beautiful historic firehouse in Old Town since 2009. However, because of the COVID-19 crisis in Northern Colorado, Old Firehouse Books is finding it hard to stay afloat.

According to CBS Denver, "The store is now operating as a web business but says it’s still coping with paying rent while having to move to a shipping business." Many businesses have had to move operations online, but for some the money coming in is just not enough to sustain them.

For this reason, Old Firehouse Books has started a GoFundMe aimed at raising $25,000 to keep their business alive. On the fundraising page, organizer Renee Becher writes:

We are trying to cover the high cost of rent and pay for inventory that now sits on the shelves, un-browsed and un-sold, while also paying our booksellers. Obviously, the web orders help with this, and the relief programs will help with rent and payroll, but your donations will help cover what's left of our Christmas bills, our in-store inventory we can't move, our shipping costs, and every other expense we take for granted as covered by in-store sales that is now...not.

As of the time of publication, Old Firehouse Books has raised over $10,000, but they need more in order to remain a vital part of Old Town's culture and economy.

Donate at the GoFundMe link here, or head to Old Firehouse Books's website to learn more about their business.

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