If your a fan of our local microbreweries and like new trying out new flavors, your in luck! Odell Brewery in Fort Collins is putting out an all new chocolate milk stout.

dolbex via Flickr
dolbex via Flickr

Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout is the name of the new brew and is set to be available in four-packs beginning this January.

Why the name you ask? Well Lugene happens to be a long time friend of the brewery and recycled the breweries used grain to feed his cattle at his farm.

Odell Breweries marketing and sales directer said, "Fort Collins has deep agricultural roots, and that is part of our brewery fabric. We wanted to honor our friend as well as our hometown ‘Aggie’ roots.”

The brewery intends to have the new beer resemble a freshly poured glass of chocolate milk. The beer will include milk chocolate, roasted malts and even a hint of vanilla.

A release party for the new Chocolate Milk Stout will be provided at Odell Brewery on Jan 6th with food, live music and samples of the beer.


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