Never one to miss out on a fun fact, I recently discovered this nugget. More men have a vasectomy procedure done in the month of March than any other month of the year. In fact, it is allegedly tough to secure an appointment in the first week of March - if you're so inclined - to have the procedure done.

Without going into too much personal detail - ahem - when a couple commits to the idea that the number of kids in the house is the at the sweet spot, sometimes the procedure is wanted just to be certain that the number of desired children isn't, you know, exceeded. Anyone remember the show 'Eight is Enough?' Well, in my case, two is enough... if you catch my drift.

And it turns out that March is the most popular time of the year to have it done. Why is that you ask?

The NCAA Championship Basketball Tournament - of which the first round of games kicks off today. Round one is played on Thursday and Friday - typically mid-March - and the second round is played that Saturday and Sunday, giving men a 4-day long college hoops marathon, with games all day, every day to kick back in a comfy chair and watch with some snacks and maybe some frozen peas on the side.

The Urology Center of Colorado says that they experience a significant uptick in the number of procedures this time of year, and the Cleveland Clinic reported their increase in case load was up as much as 50% for the month.

So next time you see a man you know obsessed over his brackets the week before the tournament starts, be advised his reason may go a little deeper than just a love for sports.

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