Celebrities have reacted to Notre Dame Cathedral, one of Paris’ most iconic landmarks, catching fire.

Though it's unclear how the fired started, many outlets have reported the flames started in the cathedral's spire. Luckily, there have not been any reported injuries or deaths at this time, however, thousands of onlookers were left in shock as they watched the beloved church in flames. “This is just horrible,” a film producer told The New York Times as he brushed away his tears. “A thousand years of history which is being wiped away."

After the devasting news broke on Monday afternoon (April 15) and photos and videos started to circulate the web, many stars quickly took to social media to share their reactions and express their heartbreak over the tragedy.

Mandy Moore simply wrote "Heartbroken" on Twitter, alongside a CNN report.

Dua Lipa tweeted a similar message, adding, "So much history collapsing right before our eyes."

Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams, who's celebrating her 22nd birthday today, wrote: "Interrupting my birthday to express how much pain I’m in watching the Notre Dame fire unfold. Such an incredible building. I’m so sad."

See how more celebrities—including Camila CabelloCher, and Idris Elba—reacted to the news below:

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