Live 8 Paris - Stage
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The summer season of 2017 has come and gone, but many memories were created throughout the three months. When it comes to concerts, this year was one of the best.

Whether you were a fan of the one of the many country concerts that came through the state of Colorado, or enjoyed one of the great rock shows that took over the state, you may still look at your ticket stub and still be amazed that YOU were there.

This is where we want your input of the shows that you feel like will go down in your memory as one that you will always remember.

Take a look at the list below and place your vote for the shows (maximum of three choices) that you think were great examples of how great the summer concert season of 2017 was!

Then keep an eye out for our updated story in October, listing the top five summer concerts as voted by you!

(Did we not include your favorite concert in the list? Don't hesitate to write it in on the "other" line!)

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