If Crocs are your spirit totem or a pair crosses your path, you are facing challenges in your life as well as the opportunity to learn how to say, "screw you and your unrealistic standards, society!"

Northern Colorado spirit animals help serve as guides in the universe and pop up in your life to teach you a lesson.

If you come across a pair of Crocs, this spirit animal may be reminding you to keep your mouth shut when judgmental comments run through your head. That's the most uggo outfit ever. She's not hot enough for me. The kid standing next to me in the Toys R Us checkout line smells like $#!+; why can't I just buy my WWE 2K16 in peace without having the store smell stanky? The Crocs could be reminding you that these thoughts are not worth your time and energy.

If Crocs are your spirit totem, this spirit animal is a symbol of your courage to stand your ground with confidence and give no %@!&$. You have a colorful aura about you and command respect with your easygoing energy flow.

Crocs appearing in your dream is not a good sign, however. Crocs in dreams are an indicator of driving people away or turning them off. If the Crocs are exploding in your dream, it could mean you're suppressing anger. Eating Crocs in your dream may indicate a secret, possibly unwanted pregnancy, either literally or metaphorically.