More than 10,000 of you voted and chose the finalist for NoCo's Best Restaurants, from BBQ to pizza to breakfast and more.

Our judges did some eating, and debating, and chose the winners at Townsquare Media's Taste of Fort Collins.

Here were the finalists for NoCo's Best Sandwiches:

Cheba Hut: 

Courtesy of TSM
Cheba Hut. Courtesy of TSM.

"Cheba Hut provided us with their "White Widow" sandwich...and it was so good. The chicken ranch flavors combined with the flavor of the toasted bread really hit the spot." - NoCo's Best Sandwiches judges

Choice City

Courtesy of TSM
Choice City. Courtesy of TSM.

"Choice City had us try their Choice City Rueben sandwich. Our favorite part about it was the corned was thick cut but still lean." - NoCo's Best Sandwiches judges

Pickle Barrel

Courtesy of TSM
Pickle Barrel. Courtesy of TSM.

"Pickle Barrel gave us some outstanding sandwiches to try. They also had avocado, which was delicious! However, we have to admit, our favorite part was the pickle." - NoCo's Best Sandwiches judges

And the winner of NoCo's Best Sandwiches is...Cheba Hut.

nocos best winner white

"Our winner was the White Widow from Cheba Hut. The chicken ranch toasted sub flavors came together for best overall!" - NoCo's Best Sandwiches judges

Catch the contest in action with the Taste of Fort Collins' on-demand livestream here. And, don't forget to use NoCo Nosh to try delicious food from NoCo's Best.

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