The COVID-19 pandemic is heavily affecting Northern Colorado's local business owners.

While many of them are doing their best to serve the local community in new ways, the stay-at-home order is presenting a daunting challenge for everyone.

In an effort to help ease discomfort for business owners, the City of Fort Collins and the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce have created NoCo Recovers, the single source of up-to-date information to support the business community of Northern Colorado.

The website has a myriad of helpful resources for business owners, including a breakdown of the CARES Act, funding opportunities, and more.

"A number of folks, at least here in the city of Fort Collins, were reaching out...they felt [that] as business owners it was very difficult to kind of sort through all the noise they were getting," said Josh Birks, Economic Health and Redevelopment Director at the City of Fort Collins, in our "Tuned In to NoCo" interview. "A number of us got together and said 'hey, why not stand up a single resource location that people can go to that's been curated by professionals to provide the most useful information?'"

Business owners can also get specific advice about their business by using the website's Connect Now button, which will directly link them to resources in the area they need help with.

"We can connect them to advisors and resources to help them find the very, very best path that makes sense for them," said Ann Hutchison, Executive Vice President of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce. "There is an amazing group of people working behind the scenes...trying as hard as we can to find solutions and create those opportunities for business."

To learn more about NoCo Recovers, listen to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Josh Birks and Ann Hutchison below.

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