It's been a crazy year for NoCo Nosh. What started with 10 orders and one driver quickly changed to where they are now, doing over 1000 orders in a day with 225 drivers on their staff. Time flies!

In a press release, NoCo Nosh explained that their primary goal was to create a local, economically sustainable alternative to national food delivery services who took advantage of independent restaurants in the community. Since beginning the service, NoCo Nosh now has 45 local restaurants that co-own the service, making it a beneficial resource for restaurateurs and NoCo eaters alike.

NoCo Nosh released a grateful statement, saying:

We are humbled by all the support and encouragement we have received while representing Noco restaurants and serving the community through what was hopefully the worst of the pandemic. Please rest assured your Nosh team will continue to be at your disposal, and we will continue to strive to be a decent local business that does right by its community.

Celebrate NoCo Nosh's 1-year anniversary with 10% off food sales today by using code HappilyNoshed at checkout.

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