"YOU MAY BE STUCK AT HOME BUT THERE ARE NO EXCUSES TO BE LAZY!" reads a post in "Quarantine Neighborhood Workout (NoCo)", a new group that recently emerged on Facebook that's aimed at helping people get moving while still staying at home.

The group was created by professional DJ Brian Howe and Fit Beat Music, and is sponsored and backed by Howe Eventful, a special events DJ entertainment company in Northern Colorado. Howe told me in a Facebook message,

I decided to create this group because I see the need for people to connect, even if only from their front yard. Additionally, bringing fitness to people might help to break up the monotony of having to stay home and fall into a repeated pattern.

Movement is important, especially when gyms across Northern Colorado have closed up shop for the duration of the stay-at-home order. Many people feel lost and lethargic, but this group is dedicated to keeping spirits high. The workout they provide, according to their page, goes a little something like this:

We come to your neighborhood. We set up on the street (no contact - respect social distancing). We bring the workout to you. You do the workout on your front porch, driveway, front yard, etc.


The program is free of charge, entirely run by volunteers, and each workout must be approved by the neighborhood. You can learn more and schedule your workout right here. 

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