Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in full swing. October 13th has been declared NO BRA DAY by Boobstagram, where you can upload tasteful pictures of your boobs. There are several ways to show your support for the fight against breast cancer. Perhaps you will "set the tatas free".

Some people seem to enjoy the idea of' No Bra Day', but others are outraged by it. This blogger poses the question, "How on earth could a day where girls and women are encouraged to walk around with their nipples poking through their shirts be “supportive” for women who are living with or who have died from breast cancer, or who have managed to ‘complete’ the arduous treatments and disfiguring surgeries required to put them into remission?"

Here's another blogger that has a beef with the idea. She says, "It says 'Support Breast Cancer,' not 'Support Breast Cancer Research' or even 'Support a Cure for Breast Cancer.' It says 'Support Breast Cancer.' I don’t know a single woman or person for that matter, that supports breast cancer."

What do you think? Is this 'No Bra Day', started by some unknown person on the Internet, a good way to rally support for breast cancer awareness, or is it just someone hoping to stockpile a bunch of boob photos?