We've been searching for a new vehicle for some time now. It was never really the right time to buy until this weekend. After driving home Friday night in our 16 year old Jeep Wrangler, I had enough and was ready to pull the proverbial trigger on a different vehicle.

After weeks of research online, I narrowed the make down to two separate vehicles. One was a truck. Ideally I wanted a Ford F150 with all of the bells an whistles. Unfortunately, what I wanted was way out of my price range and ultimately the truck wouldn't make for a practical daily driver. The second choice was an SUV. My wife's love for Jeeps took us on a path searching for one a few times before, but never ended up buying one.


A few months ago, I took senior photos for our neighbor's son and I got to ride in their Jeep Grand Cherokee and I was in love. We decided that it was the make and model we both wanted. So the search began and this is what we came home with Saturday afternoon:

Matt Sparx

Why was it time for a new ride? Simple... I got sick of having an unreliable vehicle for a daily driver. Over the past year and a half, our Jeep has broken down nearly a half a dozen times. Some have not been that big of a deal, others were major repairs. I took on all of them myself. From the clutch replacement, rear axle rebuild, to the pulleys seizing on my way to work. I fixed them all. I got tired of walking to the Jeep every day wondering what would go out on is next and how much money, knowledge and time it would take to get it repaired. My three big factors on getting a new car had nothing to do with getting a shiny new ride. I simply wanted something that I felt safe in, something that was reliable and something that got better than 9-10 miles per gallon.

Matt Sparx

Car buying is no doubt stressful. I have to say that it feels like the weight of worry has been lifted off of my shoulders after we took possession of the new Jeep however. Now I don't have to second guess if I will make it to work because my daily driver's axle blew up!