Finally! A show set in Colorado that we can all be proud of!

Well. Not quite.

Space Force is an all-new Netflix release that dropped on Friday, set in the fictionalized town of Wild Horse, Colorado. The show stars Steve Carrell, but instead of giving critics callbacks to the glory days of The Office, the writing is said to fall flat and the laughs— cheap. Instead of having an awesome sitcom interpretation of our state, looks like we're just going to have to be grateful for Mork & Mindy. 

This is totally subjective, by the way, and there are some critics who are saying the show has its positive moments, like when Carrell and John Malkovich's characters butt heads. However overall, the show is only pulling in a 46% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the reviews don't look promising.

Have you seen the show yet?

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