Gov. Hickenlooper signs law that would give jail time to those that fail to move over for emergencies vehicles. In rememberance of Colorado State Trooper Cody Donahue, who was killed in 2016 due to a vehicle failing to yield when the Donahue was investigating an accident, Colorado has implemented a new law that would give higher fines and even 18 months in jail if they fail to move over for emergency personnel on the side of the road. The law also includes, failing to move over and slow down for road workers, such as those that do construction or tow truck drivers.

The new law titled "Move Over For Cody Act" is an absolutely necessary to keep all the highway workers and police, fire, emt's safe that try to helps those in need. Their jobs alone are dangerous but to add in the fact they have to accomplish their job with vehicles going 65-75 mph past them 24/7 is another huge dangerous factor for those that risk their lives to make our lives better. Too many lives have been lost because someone failed to slow down and move over, giving enough space for the safety of those that work on sides of highways.

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