The Windsor Downtown Development Authority is announcing some exciting changes.

After a competitive selection process, the Windsor DDA chose Tribe Development to move forward with the "Windsor Backlots Area," an area spanning four acres that backs up to the Windsor Mill.

According to a press release from the City of Windsor,

Concepts for the three-block area starts at 7th Street on the west and reaches to the railroad crossing at Main St. on the east were first explored in the 2010 Downtown Design Guidelines and Financing Plan. [...] After prior redevelopment efforts receded as Covid-19 took hold last March, the Town and DDA regrouped, selecting a new developer last week.

Tribe Development is best known for their work in Northern Colorado, and the president of the company, Ashley Stiles, was deeply involved in the Elizabeth Hotel's development as well as the ever-popular Dairy Block in Denver. With those two projects under her belt, it's exciting to think about what Downtown Windsor could look like in a few years.

The press release quoted Windsor Mayor Paul Rennemeyer, who said, "I am confident that Tribe Development will be able to help us move in the right direction so that all who call Windsor home or those who visit our community in the future will be proud of what our downtown has become."

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