Don't mind the actors pretending to be shooting victims on the Colorado State University campus today.  CSU is partnering with emergency responders in the city and county in a training exercise starting around 9AM this morning and lasting until 1 p.m. The exercise will simulate a high number of injuries and fatalities from a gunman on the CSU campus.

It is intended to provide local safety and health officials with a realistic situation in which to practice their response and teamwork. Most people participating in the exercise will be wearing bright colored safety vests to help minimize confusion that this is a drill and not a real disaster.

The exercise will include 30-40 hired actors who will be simulating people who are wounded or dead. A flight-for-life medical helicopter will land near the scene to evacuate the wounded as part of the exercise.

There is no need to call 9-1-1 if you see activity associated with the exercise.

The exercise will be held south of the Durrell Center on Plum Street/North Drive. It involves Colorado State University Police Department and other university emergency responders, Poudre Fire Authority, Fort Collins Police Services, Larimer County Sherriff's Department and Poudre Valley Health Systems.

Access to the Durrell Center and areas of Moby, including the North concourse, will be restricted during the exercise, and the recreational fields also will be used during part of the exercise. A portion of Plum Street, from Shields Street to the Corbett Hall parking lot, also will be blocked off to accommodate the exercise but will be reopened as soon as possible after the conclusion of the exercise.

[Poudre Fire Authority]



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