Whether you're a local that's lived in Northern Colorado all your life or a newcomer that's just moved here for school or work — you can still play this game!

If you've never played "Never Have I Ever" before, it's simple, you get one point for everything you HAVE NOT done. The lower the points, means the more you need to get out and experience all that our state has to offer! If you rack up 4 points or less, it's safe to say you're a true Northern Coloradan.

  • Sipped beer at a local brewery

  • Played tourist in Estes Park

  • Been to the Denver Zoo

  • Watched a Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos or Denver Nuggets game

  • Been skiing or snowboarding down a Colorado mountain

  • Gone fishing in one of the canyons or local lakes

  • Tried Rocky Mountain Oysters

  • Taken in a sunrise or sunset at Horsetooth Reservoir

  • Eaten a Palisade peach

  • Enjoyed a slice of Beau Jo’s pizza

  • Drank a margarita (or 3) at the Rio

  • Hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Seen an elk

  • Gone to the Greeley Stampede

  • Attended a concert at Red Rocks

  • Gone camping in Red Feather

How'd you do?

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