First Kanye decides he's buying land in Wyoming and now we have the founder of Netflix building a luxury teacher retreat in our very own Colorado.

Recode is reporting that "Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix, is quietly building a mysterious 2,100-acre luxury retreat ranch nestled in the elk-filled foothills of the Rocky Mountains".

Park County public records show that Hastings is financing the new public, charter school teacher Conference and Retreat Facility, Retreat Land at Lone Rock, in Bailey. He and his wife have scoped out the area since around 2017, but his involvement in the project has only recently been found out. The center is expected to open March 2021, but his involvement was original kept a secret with strict confidentiality agreements.

Nearly 30 educators in different groups from across America will have access to the 270-room retreat center at once. They'll stay for four days each with opportunities to play team sports, use classrooms, and hike trails “maybe with pack llamas”, according to Recode.

The center will feature 3 separate “villages” including meeting rooms, a spa with saunas and hot tubs, man-made hot springs, and a lodge with a wine cellar, a yoga deck and trails surrounding the property, according to Park County.

The project cost nearly $41 million in total.

Hastings is one of America's biggest donors to the education reform movement, which calls for a greater focus on testing, tougher teacher accountability, and creating alternative schools like charters.

Hastings began his career life as a ninth-grade math teacher, now he supports education reform.


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