Public Information Deputy Julio Sherman nailed it, getting a gigantic nail stuck inside of his finger.

Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams announced Sherman's dilemma on their Facebook page, joking that the Sheriff's Office might be short on press releases for a few days.

Reams told the community to be safe, and to never hire Deputy Sherman for a carpentry job, advising the public to #hireaprofessional.

Ouch. Sherman might need some ice for that burn (and for the nail in his hand).

Here's the picture Reams posted of the injury (warning - don't look if you have a weak stomach):

Courtesy of the Weld County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Deputy Sherman later posted an update on his situation, explaining that the nail went through his bone and into his joint.

Sherman was a good sport about the situation, stating that he "definitely did not nail it."

He also thanked the Facebook community for their support, saying that he enjoyed reading the comments while getting the nail out.

Best of luck to Deputy Sherman on his recovery.