It's official, he's cooler than us — Mike Posner seems to be in good spirits on his Instagram after being bit by a venomous snake. The musician is currently walking across America, but had to make an unexpected stop while in Colorado... to a hospital. Posner is trekking east coast to west coast, going 10-15 miles each day, Page Six reported.

The singer mentioned the late electronic musician Avicii in his 2016 song 'I Took a Pill in Ibiza,' but the two were close. His death was a motivation for Posner's big adventure.

'I wanted to do [the walk] for five years and it wasn’t really until after my dad died and really when my friend Avicii died that I knew … My life is now, one day I’m going to die too and everyone wants you to forget you’re gonna die, cause if you forget you’re gonna die then you’ll waste your life working for their company, spending money on what they’re selling,' Page Six shared.

And, well, Posner could have died, because while passing through Colorado, he encountered a rattlesnake, got bit on the ankle and had to be airlifted.

Stereogum reported that Posner will not be able to continue his walk for a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, he says he is enjoying the air conditioning and nice bed.

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