Channel your inner Penny Lane and head to the Mishawaka this weekend as they present "Almost Famous" on Saturday, June 27.

The Mishawaka is back to bring you great local entertainment, including a movie night among the stars. The venue will have full restaurant service available but their website encourages you to make a reservation before coming, as they'll only have 15 tables for the event. They can accommodate groups up to 8 people.

Never seen the movie? As someone who always wanted to work in the music industry, it was required viewing for me growing up. IMDB describes it as the story of "A high-school boy [who is] given the chance to write a story for Rolling Stone Magazine about an up-and-coming rock band as he accompanies them on their concert tour." Check out the trailer below.

Doors open at 7:30 and parking is free. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. You can grab tickets right here.

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