Now, this has major “Homeward Bound” vibes.

Squeaks, the “sub-adult” male mountain lion outfitted with a GPS tracker decided to leave New Mexico and head to a new home in Colorado, hitting almost 3,000 destinations on the way.

Squeaks started in Tamaya in New Mexico and headed to the Florida River in Durango, stopping to enjoy before moving on. He faced challenges like HW550, large agricultural fields and low density areas, but finally was spotted in Marcos, Colorado in late September.

After his long journey of over 500 miles, Squeaks has now settled in Mesa Verde National Park…for now.

According to the Pueblo of Santa Ana Department of Natural Resources Facebook page,

To date, his GPS collar has collected 2,925 locations. We're still not sure if Mesa Verde National Park will become his new home, but if it does, at least we know he has good taste in real estate.

To follow Squeaks's journey, head here. 

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