With the cold weather the last week around Colorado, you may have broken out the board games to play with the family to keep warm inside. Ever played this one? Apparently, it's the most popular game in the state but we've never even heard of it...

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What's The Most Popular Board Game In Colorado?


I'd imagine we all have that closet, or some sort of space just filled with board games and card games, etc., yeah? Ours has gotten so big over the years that it takes up half of the coat closet. We should probably purge again, but not today!

The folks at Sweepstakes Casino conducted a study to find out what board games each state was playing and the answer they got for Colorado was interesting to us. Mostly because of all the games we've played over the years, we've never heard of this game before.

Colorado's Most Popular Board Game Is...

After looking over Google trends between November 2022 and November 2023, Sweepstakes Casino found that Colorado's most popular board game is, Catan... Maybe I've been living under a rock all these years, but not only have I never played it, I've never seen or even heard of it...

What Is Catan?

It looks basic and somewhat fun, but to be the most popular board game in Colorado feels like a stretch to me. Our second favorite board game in the state is a game called "codenames," and rounding out the top 3 is Chess. "Clue" is Colorado's least favorite board game. Speaking of games...

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