For Easter Sunday, I decided to have some fun with my dogs by sending them off on an Easter egg hunt!

When I was a kid, Easter egg hunts were a staple. Whether it was a mass group of children searching for candy along the hill at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Fort Collins, at my grandparents' house in Rocky Ford, Colorado, or in the backyard of my very own childhood home, it's always been a tradition for my sister and me to hunt for eggs every Spring.

Now that my sister and I are older, we've decided (or at least, I have decided) to pass along the tradition to our dog babies - since neither of us have human offspring.

I took Jaq Jaq, Baxter, and Isabell's favorite doggie treats, split them up, and then dispersed them into the plastic eggs, all while the dogs watched (so that they knew they'd be rewarded for cracking open the eggs). Then I simply planted them outside in the grass and let the dogs go to town!

See how my dog's Easter egg hunt went in the video below.

Tip: If you have multiple dogs that tend to get territorial and bossy, I'd suggest letting them have their own individual Easter egg hunts. I had to do this with my dogs initially, as my chihuahua, Jaq Jaq, gets super territorial and snappy when he's around treats!

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