Rose quartz is a powerful healing crystal of love, so it doesn't surprise me that there are TONS of jewelry pieces made with this and other healing crystals on Etsy.

Traditionally used to attract an abundance of love, compassion, and peace, rose quartz also promotes bonding and romance. It's also just a super pretty crystal that I love wearing day-to-day.

Even if you don't believe in healing crystals, I think a lot of us can at least appreciate the beauty of nature and these pretty little pink rocks that make cool jewelry.

Below are 5 rose quartz pieces I found on Etsy that I absolutely love, and you might, too! (P.S. Mom take note - CHRISTMAS PRESENTS.)

Jewelry and rose quartz crystals shown above is from Etsy users WeWhoSeek, ZenDeLux, IyanaDesigns, SinusFinnicus, TheLittleCrystal, and CherryRockDesign.