A teenage girl that was reported missing last Monday has been found safe, according to authorities.

The girl, 16-year-old Whitney Lulloff was supposed to meet her family at Denver International Airport following a trip but never showed up. Her family then filed a missing person report with the police.

Lulloff was allegedly seen following returning to DIA on 61st Avenue where she boarded a train, and it remains unclear why she did this instead of meeting her family as planned. It would seem as though Lulloff had not planned to meet her parents as she was allegedly wearing a wig and carrying a different suitcase than the one she had left with when she was spotted boarding the train.

However, the Denver Police Department announced today (Tuesday, January 12th) that Lulloff has been found safe.

It was originally speculated that Lulloff was in the hands of a human trafficker, but that ended up not being the case. Lulloff is said to have voluntarily refused to meet up with her family to go home, and instead met up with an acquaintance where she was marked safe by police.

Lulloff was traveling from Phoenix to Denver before the incident and alluded her family upon returning home, leaving many questions unanswered. Lulloff's mother, Karen Kopp, had this to say about the incident following her disappearance:

I feel like I can literally collapse because this is so scary, or I can pick it up and be strong and find her. This is past her capability to have planned stuff and it seemed like there was an element of fear for her.

Luckily, the 16-year-old was found safe, although it is unclear as to whether or not she has been reunited with her family.

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