Maybe you like to sip on a morning mimosa or celebrate Taco Tuesday with a margarita. Perhaps you keep it classy with a Moscow mule or spice up your Sundays with a bloody mary. Maybe you enjoy all four — hey, I'm not judging.

also enjoy all four. Some even call me the modern-day George Thorogood. *cues One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer*

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Just kidding. However, I do relish the enjoyment that comes with (responsibly) sipping on a good cocktail. Nothing elevates a brunch like a bubbly mimosa or a savory bloody mary, and nothing brightens up a Friday night like a zesty margarita or a refreshing Moscow mule.

It's the little things.

Thankfully, Fort Collins has no shortage of quality cocktails. The Choice City may be known for its craft beer, but it has plenty of other beverages to offer. The real question is: where can I find them?

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I've created a list to help you out. You might be surprised to learn that you can get bottomless mimosas at a Mexican restaurant or a thirst-quenching cocktail at the local fried chicken hub. Fort Collins truly is a magical place.

Whether you're searching for mimosas, margs, mules, or marys, here are 22 of the best cocktails you can find in Fort Collins:

Mimosas, Margs, Mules & Marys: 22 of the Best Cocktails in Fort Collins

There's nothing better than (responsibly) sipping on a good cocktail. Whether you prefer mimosas, margaritas, Moscow mules, or bloody marys, here are 24 of the best cocktails you can find in Fort Collins.

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