Celebrities across the country have stepped up to aid Texas after a devastating hurricane impounded the state on Friday (Aug. 25). While some are bringing awareness through social media posts and sharing photos, others, like Miley Cyrus, are donating their own money to Hurricane Harvey relief.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday (Aug. 30), Cyrus tearfully explained her decision to give $500,000 to the relief efforts.

"It'll make me cry so I can't really talk about it," Cyrus tells DeGeneres, tearing up. "I don't know why it makes me so upset. It really just makes me so upset so I hope people know I couldn't fake it ... my grandma's sitting here and my mom's here and I go home to my seven dogs and if I didn't have that anymore it'd be really hard. I'm really happy to help any way I can and I hope people understand and can put themselves in those people's shoes and know what it feels like to have everything taken away from you."

How Miranda Lambert Is Helping Forgotten Hurricane Victims

Cyrus is far from the only singer donating her money and time to Texas. George Strait and Miranda Lambert, both Texas natives, have also gone out of their way to help those in need. Lambert, also a dog lover, brought her MuttNation Foundation to Houston to rescue animals abandoned during the hurricane. They rescued 72 dogs in a single day, including a mama dog and her pups. The following day was also a success, as Lambert and her team helping save another 62 animals from the Houston Humane Society.

“Just a reminder that we are clearing out animals that were already in the shelters before the storm hit so that there is room for all of the displaced and lost animals from Hurricane Harvey!” MuttNation writes.

Meanwhile, Strait, who has a house in Rockport, Texas, and was personally affected by Hurricane Harvey, said that he’s working on a relief effort “with the whole country music community.”

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