Sure, Alden Ehrenreich has secured the part of Han Solo in a forthcoming Star Wars offshoot, but a new casting clip unveiled by Conan proves many of Hollywood's best were hot on the young actor's heels.

In the spoof casting segment above, Melissa McCarthy shoots for the stars but misses spectacularly, first confusing "parsec" with "parsnip" and essentially admitting she's never seen a single one of Luke Skywalker's adventures.

"Have you seen Star Wars?" an out-of-frame casting director asks.

"I've seen a good portion of one of them," she says unconvincingly "With the small wizard boy in the school in the hills?"

Will Arnett, Jodie Foster and Bill Hader also throw their hats in the ring, but can't quite master the part of the intergalactic rebel. Still, it's 50 Cent's fumbling with a blaster that's most other-worldly.

"Never tell me the odds!" he bellows, as he points the broad side of the firearm toward the camera.

"This way?" he asks as he tries to correct his grip. "Man, what the f--- do you want me to do?"

Here's hoping Ehrenreich's hands are more capable as Solo — he's been signed on for a three-picture deal, according to the New York Daily NewsThe site's anonymous source says that there's tremendous "excitement" around the liberties filmmakers can take with Solo's story, since his early adventures aren't tied to one particular place or alliance.

Watch some star-studded incompetence above.

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