It's an unavoidable human reality: Embarrassing things happen to even the most confident of people. Such was the case last night (May 13) during Meghan Trainor's appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where, after an otherwise high energy performance of "Me Too," the singer took a tumble.

The spill happened at the very end of the performance. Trainor, who was at first turned away from the audience, had just finished singing the end of the upbeat track when she fell flat on her back while turning around onstage. The reason for losing her balance? It's Friday the 13th High heels, of course.

As the singer-songwriter turned around to face the crowd on the last beat of the track, her ankles gave way to the platform heels she was wearing and she crashed to the stage floor with a yelp, taking the mic stand down with her. Despite the mortifying tumble, Trainor took the the moment in stride, laying on the stage for a few minutes as she laughed and regained her composure.

Fallon, ever the gentleman, immediately rushed over and joined his guest on the stage floor, laying flat on his back beside her as the two giggled. The lovable talk-show host helped Trainor back up and she was greeted by thunderous applause and a standing ovation by the audience.

As for the "No" singer? Something tells us she'll be just fine. And if you're not convinced, the pop star has been replying to fans inquiring about her state on Twitter:

Watch Trainor's entire performance below:

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