If you thought Meghan Trainor's defiant new single "No" already sounded like a millennial blast from the past with its Destiny's Child-lifted melodies and Britney Spears/NSYNC-esque synth stabs, just wait until you see the accompanying Fatima Robinson-directed music video released this morning (March 21)...because it's pure late '90s/early '00s nostalgia.

From that shiny metallic trench coat, which feels very Missy Elliott "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)," to the bowling pin formation armography and hair flips, everything about "No" looks like a previously unreleased Nigel Dick music video from 1999. (Britney's "(You Drive Me) Crazy," Destiny's Child's "No, No, No" — there are ample references to choose from.) It makes sense, too: Director Fatima is responsible for choreographing many of those Y2K-era videos, from Aaliyah to the Backstreet Boys.

It's unlikely that Trainor is about to become the next Dancing Kween, but still...she holds her own.

As far as a plot? There's not much goin' on — it's just Meghan and her ladies flailing their arms about in a factory (?) or some kind of warehouse situation, and then writhing around in some very Tove Lo-esque mesh.

Take out your tickets, put your personal belongings in the overhead rack and get your feet off the damn seats, because the M-Train is pulling out of the station...and heading all the way back to the days of TRL.

Meghan Trainor No

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