It's that time of year when sports fans gather around the TV to watch two football teams battle it out at the Super Bowl. When the half time show rolls around, pet lovers unite and flip over to watch Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. This year we have a little one representing our state of Colorado. Please allow me to introduce to you, Squirt!

Credit: Denver Dumb Friends League

Squirt is a Dachshund/Rat Terrier mix, weighing in at 3 lovable pounds at 12 weeks of age playing for team Ruff.

His player bio from the Denver Dumb Friends League reads

Credit: Denver Dumb Friends League

"Small, but agile. Tiny, but bold. Squirt’s unique set of skills caught the eye of Puppy Bowl XIII recruiters. With an aptitude for being adorable, this small puppy impressed recruiters with his petite size and passions for fetching and snuggling. Squirt’s Puppy Bowl XIII debut comes after training for weeks in a Dumb Friends League foster home. There, he mastered his “awww-factor” skills, charming men and women alike. When asked what life after the Puppy Bowl looked like, Squirt commented that he was “looking forward to spending plenty of time cuddled-up with his new forever family.”



The Denver Dumb Friends League is one of 34 shelters and rescue groups among 22 states participating in Puppy Bowl XIII.  “The Puppy Bowl is more than entertainment,” said Joan Thielen, communications specialist for the Dumb Friends League via a press release. “It encourages adoption, a message that is engrained in every aspect of the event. We are proud to partner with Animal Planet to help drive that message into millions of homes across the country that will be watching.”

Puppy Bowl XIII will air on Animal Planet on Sunday, February 5th from 1 - 3 p.m. and will repeat all day until 1 a.m.

Adding to the great news, player Squirt was adopted! I am sure he will enjoy many great years filled with squeak toys, car rides and dog treat at his forever home as a retired Puppy Bowl MVP!


Source: Denver Dumb Friends League