On Friday, June 5, Mayor Wade Troxell and the City of Fort Collins released a special proclamation regarding the death of George Floyd and the city's commitment to "equity, inclusion, and justice".

Mayor Troxell spoke about the protests and the city's proclamation in a video posted to the City's Facebook page:

The special proclamation is to celebrate the life of George Floyd. It's also to mourn the death of George Floyd.

Troxell touched on the recent deaths of not only George Floyd, but also Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and other Black Americans and people of color nationwide who are targeted by violence every single day, "including by law enforcement officers, who dishonored their oath to protect all people".

Troxell also discussed the COVID-19 pandemic nationwide, mentioning how it disproportionally affects those of color in the U.S. based on infection rates and unemployment statistics.

Mayor Troxell ended the video by encouraging the community to work with Fort Collins to improve racial equity in the city.

See the Mayor's full statement below.

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