You've discovered you recently became dankrupt, and you're looking for the perfect strain. Something different. Something tasty. Something out of this world. Yet, you're having a difficult time choosing. Don't fret, my dear ent, we've got you covered with our wacky tobacky wheels of weed.

It's one of the hardest decisions in the world. You walk into your local dispensary, and the choices are endless. Strains that lock you to the couch. Strains to unleash copious amounts of creativity. Strains that get you off the couch and moving. Oy ve! What to choose?

Sure, you can always do the old smell test, and see what your body tells you what you need. Or you can choose an activity below, spin the wheel and let fate decide your bakedness.

I Want to Get Out and Do Things

I Need a Good Nights Rest

I Wanna Be Creative and Get Some Work Done

Dude! I Don't Care, I Just Wanna Get Stoned

Now, if you need any information on these strains or to find a dispensary near you, check out

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