Marijuana-infused K-cups are here, but you won't necessarily have to wake up at 4:20 every morning for these "drinkables."

According to Insider, a brand under Cannabiniers called Brewbudz is launching a line of coffee pods containing a sativa-dominant mix of Arabica beans and 10 milligrams of THC by March 2017, made available in all states where recreational marijuana is legal (like Colorado, duh *wink wink*). Medical users can also get stronger pods that contain between 25 and 50 milligrams of THC as a "discreet method to deliver the medicine you require," the Brewbudz website says.

Brewbudz boasts its product is a healthy alternative to smoking and is "lifestyle integrated," an important thing for its consumers. Because of the sativa, the coffee will also actually make drinkers feel more energized rather than mellow.

If marijuana is your thing but coffee isn't, there's always the Brewbudz hot cocoa and Breakfast Blend tea that you can try out.