Mariah Carey is taking her former personal assistant to court.

The singer claims Lianna Azarian betrayed her trust, shooting embarrassing videos of her and is now trying to use them to blackmail her. According to a lawsuit filed by Carey, which TMZ obtained a copy of, the 48-year-old musician hired Azarian in 2015 as her executive assistant. She claims shortly after, her assistant started using her credit card to buy personal items under the guise that they were for Carey.

She also alleges that Azarian shot video of her "personal activities," which would be "embarrassing" and personally and professionally damaging if they were made public. It's unclear what activities she's talking about. Some of the videos were shown to friends, according to the lawsuit.

Azarian reportedly threatened to sell the clips for cash if she was ever fired. Carey let her assistant, whom she says she was paying about $327,000 per year, go in 2017. She says the blackmail began at that time. Azarian reportedly demanded $8 million, threatening to release the videos, and other damaging information.

The lawsuit does not reveal what the videos are of, but some have been described as "intimate." Carey says she demanded the videos be handed over to her, but has had no luck. She's suing for an unspecified amount for damages.

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