Flushing something down the toilet doesn't always get rid of it. Just ask this poker player who was arrested after trying to flush away $2.7 million in counterfeit poker chips.

According to UPI, the 42-year-old was from North Carolina, but was in Atlantic City to play in a poker tournament. He had actually won over $6,000 dollars by day two of the tournament, but investigators found million of dollars in counterfeit chips clogged in the toilet of the hotel room he had been staying in. Apparently he had played over $800,000 in fake chips during the tournament, then flushed his fake ones, checked out, and checked into a nearby budget hotel.

Investigators caught up with him and are charging him with rigging a public contest among other things.

Flushing poker chips down the toilet?! It seems like most modern toilets have trouble taking toilet paper down, I'm not sure how this guy thought his plan was going to work out.