Last week, UCHealth allowed employees to get antibody tests, which proved that their staff showed a low positive infection rate.

Out of 12,438 tests performed (which did include members of the general public along with UCHealth staff, according to a press release), 466 were positive at a rate of 3.7%.

UCHealth's lead laboratory director Rob Welch, said of the low infection rate:

This suggests that our education efforts, personal protective equipment, social distancing and the strong infection prevention measures put in place by UCHealth at its hospitals and other health care facilities do indeed work, and our employees are following safety guidelines when they are not at work as well.

One important note from Dr. Richard Zane of UCHealth's chief innovation officer was "We don't know if having antibodies means you will be immune from contracting COVID-19," so continue washing your hands, social distancing, and remaining safe.

For more info on this study or to schedule a test for yourself, head here.

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