More excitement for Downtown Loveland, as a developer will be turning an old building into a new music venue with a restaurant and speakeasy.

The building at 4th and Railroad in Downtown Loveland was first built as a hotel in the early 1900's, then the Elks Lodge took it over in 1927. The Elks moved out of the space in late 2021, and now a whole new life is about to begin for the corner.

TSM/Dave Jensen,

My first thought after seeing the story in the Reporter-Herald about this new music/entertainment venue coming to the former lodge is, "we're definitely gong to be talking about parking, again, at some point.'

The new developer paid just under $2 million for the building and is ready to put another $4 million into renovating the old building; that's a lot of cash. When I hear about that kind of money going into a project like this, I feel optimistic; in addition, according to the Reporter-Herald, the developer knows the 'ins and outs' of restoring older buildings, so they won't be too surprised by anything they find.

What's the Plan?

  • A concert venue where the lodge's ballroom used to be. The developer is from Austin and misses having lots of places to find music, which Loveland lacks.
  • A high-end restaurant. Give Loveland Chophouse some competition, perhaps?
  • A speakeasy. Retro-cool.
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The building will also be home to a place where musicians can practice for free, as well as a space for lessons and instrument repair.

Though no timeframe for the transformation for the Elks Lodge is set yet, things are about to get very busy, construction-wise on 4th Street. Construction is set to begin soon at the the corner of 4th and Lincoln for the upcoming 'Draper Building;' hopefully they'll find a way to not bring too much mayhem at the same time.

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I wonder what the new venue will be called? What about, 'The Lodge?'

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