But because the pandemic tends to make months feel like years, I decided to check in and see how the City of Loveland is handling COVID-19 two months later.

One of the City's top priorities has always been local business. But now, the conversation has shifted from closing businesses to reopening them.

"It's the smaller 'mom and pops' that are going to struggle coming back from this," said McCloughan in our "Tuned In to NoCo" interview. "Everyone we've talked to...they want us to push heavy on our legislators and the government to say...'what we need is for you to open the economy and let us go back to business.' They're just ready to open their doors and serve their communities."

But reopening cannot happen without taking the public's health and safety into account.

That's why the City is sending business owners to NoCo Recovers, an online platform designed to help the economy safely reopen.

As for the general public, McCloughan recommends tapping into two things we all possess: common sense and compassion.

"Practice what they're [health officials] asking us to do with social distancing, the masks, using common sense, and then being compassionate with those around you," she said. "If we focus outwardly on how we can help others, we're going to get through this much stronger and faster, as well as safer."

To learn more about how the City of Loveland is continuing to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, listen to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Mindy McCloughan below.

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