Next time you're stopping at Schrader's to get gas or to pick up a pop, be sure to keep an eye out for these blue stars.

Titled Kristi's Wish, these stars allow you to make a donation of $1 or larger to the Kristi Visocky Foundation, a non-profit created by Bob and Donna Visocky in honor of their daughter Kristi, who was killed in an auto accident in 2003.

"Kristi was a big champion of the underdog...a big spark," said Donna. "Everything that we've done, all of our programs, are geared towards women...she liked to change the world."

The initiative also incorporates Kristi's Giving Trees, found at the two C.B. & Potts locations in Fort Collins. The trees will have tags on them for people to take and bring back with a toy for a child in need.

Both the star cards and the trees will be available until Monday, December 16. Donations can also be made online here.

Now around its eighth year, Kristi's Wish has helped numerous women and children in the Northern Colorado community.

Aside from holiday campaigns, the foundation also works to provide scholarships to those in need year-round, and has participated in other charitable projects such as Habitat for Humanity.

"We don't see it on a day-to day-basis, but we know that what we've done, how little it might've been, has helped somebody somewhere," said Bob. "And that's what makes it worth it."

To learn more about Kristi's Wish and the Kristi Visocky Foundation, listen to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Bob and Donna Visocky below.

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