Peculier Ales has opened at the Windsor Mill on the east side of downtown, bringing experience in beer-making and a great venue to experience that beer.

The Windsor Mill now has three tenants. Joining The Tavern at Windsor Mill and Cacciatore at Heller's Kitchen is Peculier Ales, on the east side of the mill.

The founder/Head Brewer of Peculier Ales, Nick Armitage, has ancestors that date back to the town of Armitage, England, which is about 3.5 hours away from one of the most famous of peculier breweries in Marcham England.

Nick Armitage has a great experience at beer making, having brewed for WeldWerks Brewing, Crabtree Brewing, and Lonesome Buck Brewing.

It's my understanding that a peculier brewery is a brewery that is outside the jurisdiction of the church's local bishop. You could say a 'rebel' brewery. 'Unorthodox.'

I stopped in to see how Peculier Ales feels/looks. I like it. Take a look.

Peculier Ales Photos

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